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  • X01 Personal Defense Weapon Platform GEN2


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    ***Firearm not included. Compatible with full size, compact, carry, Tacops, X-Carry, or X-Five Sig Sauer® P320® and P250® firearms chambered in 9mm, .40, or .357 SIG®.

    Now included: 2X Magpul M-Lok® 3-slot polymer accessory rails.

    The X01 is a drop-in PDW upgrade for the Sig Sauer® P320® / P250® / M17 / M18 series of firearms that provides enhanced capabilities such as a vertical rear 1913 rail to attach a SIG® MPX compatible arm brace or buttstock.

    The X01 enhances the original firearm’s manual of arms with its integrated charging handle, which provides an “HK®-style” downward release when the left-side handle is locked to the rear. The fore-end of the weapon features three M-Lok® slots, two of which come standard with Magpul M-Lok® 3-slot polymer rails.

    Made in the United States of America.

    • Compact slide required for SRD9 / muzzle device modification
    • M17 / M18 / P320-MS compatibility requires manual safety modification
    • X01 utilizes donor pistol’s magazine release
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  • X01 PDW Charging Handle Fork [GEN-2]

    This component is needed to alternate slide sizes within the X01. A 2.5mm allen key (included with the X01) and a few seconds is all that’s needed to swap charging handle forks within the X01 upper module.

    See page 14 of the X01 user manual HERE or a web-based guide HERE for step-by-step photos.

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  • X01 GEN-2 Upgrade Kit

    Upgrade your GEN-1 X01 into a GEN-2 with this metal parts kit, which includes:

    • Charging handle fork / rod
    • Upper module latch / rod
    • Left/Right charging handles
    • Charging handle assembly screw
    • 2.5mm Allen key

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    X0+1 Magazine Holster for X01 PDW Module, Carbon

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