Fire Control Unit® and Radical Firearms® Announce Partnership for Manufacturing and Distribution of X01, RX03, and Future P320 Chassis Systems

January 11th, 2019 – Stafford, Texas

Fire Control Unit® and Radical Firearms® are proud to announce a new partnership to combine their respective intellectual property, distribution capabilities, and manufacturing powerhouse to turbocharge the current X01 PDW chassis production and distribution and will be co-branding the upcoming RX03 – a new platform also built around the P320 Fire Control Group.

The X01 was announced at SHOT Show 2018 and made waves in the industry for its unique utilization of SIG®’s Modular Handgun System (MHS) as seen in the P250, P320, M17, and X-Five series of pistols. Fire Control Unit’s pending patents expand on the modularity of these firearms with chassis systems featuring charging handles, MLOK mounts, bolt carrier systems, and arm braces as seen in the commercially-available X01.

“We are excited to join forces with Radical to take Project  X0 to the next level,” stated Agent 44, the inventor of the X0 concept, designer of the X01/RX03, and founder of Fire Control Unit. “Radical’s manufacturing might and distribution prowess are the catalysts that will turn Project X0 into the market-changing revolution it was born to be.”

“We are thrilled to introduce a new wave of firearms to our industry and introduce the X0 Chassis System to the world. Not only with this work as a pistol, but think of one fire control unit working inside of an AR-style rifle, a shotgun, or as far as the mind can reach,” said David Spector, COO of Radical Firearms.

As revealed in Recoil Concealment Magazine #12, Fire Control Unit has been designing a new chassis that resembles AR15 rifles and pistols, the internal project name of which was “AR320”. Upon the activation of this partnership, this chassis will be henceforth known as the “Radical X03” or “RX03”. It features a striker-fired bolt carrier group, STANAG magazine well, and accepts AR15 buffer tubes, barrels, handguards, and various other components. The initial model will be chambered in 5.56mm, but other calibers are intended to be produced shortly after – including 9mm and 300blk.

Both the X01 and RX03 will be manufactured and exclusively distributed by Radical Firearms. Effective immediately, all distributor, dealer, and industry sales inquiries will be processed through Radical Firearms ( The X01 will remain for sale at

These two platforms are only the beginning for this project. As shown on Fire Control Unit’s social media, the concept of utilizing a drop-in serialized fire control unit for countless weapon types, including shotguns, bolt actions, bullpups, etc.

Both the RX03 and X01 will be on display in the Radical Firearms booth #20232 and FCU booth #6606 at SHOT Show 2019. The RX03 is expected to release in summer 2019.

SIG®, Sig Sauer®, P320®, P250®, and X-Five® are registered trademarks of Sig Sauer Corp®, which is not affiliated with Fire Control Unit, its designs, or products.