Replacing Thumb Rests with Accessory Rails

Replacing Thumb Rests with Accessory Rails

The X01 comes with thumb rests installed in both lateral M-Lok accessory slots. Removal is simple and we recommend the Magpul 3-slot Picatinny Rail to replace them with.

Step 1: Removing thumb rests

1A // Place the thumb rest against something rigid so that only the thumb rest is in contact with the surface.

1B // Give the rear of the X01 a firm tap so that quick pressure is applied to the thumb rest, causing it to pop off.

1C // With the thumb rest removed, pinch the thumb rest retainer tabs and remove the retainer towards the muzzle.

Step 2: Install the accessory rail

2A // Follow the instructions supplied with your M-Lok accessory rail.

Step 3: Reinstalling the thumb rest (if applicable)

3A // Reinsert the thumb rest retainer outward from the X01 muzzle area.

3B // While pressing outwards on the retainer from inside the muzzle area, slide the thumb rest over the retainer tabs in a rear-to-front direction.

3C // The thumb rest should seat over both tabs with a “click”.