Suppressor & Muzzle Device Malfunctions (Cycling)

Suppressor & Muzzle Device Malfunctions (Cycling)

The P320 is known to have cycling and ejection issues with suppressors. Ensure that your weapon system cycles properly with a suppressor when it is configured as a P320 before attempting to troubleshoot in an X01 configuration. This will help diagnose any issues as X01-related or simply inherent in the P320 itself.

Warning: Ensure your firearm is unloaded before performing any steps in this guide.

1: Ensure that your suppressor or muzzle device is not making contact with the walls of the X01 muzzle.

1A // With the firearm unloaded, cycle the weapon via the charging handle and inspect the muzzle area to ensure that no contact is being made by the suppressor or muzzle device with the walls of the X01 muzzle area.

1B // If you are unsure if contact is being made, remove the X01 upper module (see Section – Assembly) and rack the slide while inspecting the muzzle area.

2: Lubricate the suppressor

2A // The Nielson device in your pistol’s suppressor needs adequate lubrication to function properly. Use the manufacturer’s recommended lubricant and application method to ensure that it is functioning properly.